Well, that is a loaded question.  For three years it isn't, but foxsports.com's Ken Rosenthal is reporting the Twins are closing in on a two year deal. I am actually OK with this.  Without Pavano the rotation looks like Liriano-Baker-Duensing-Blackburn-Slowey.  Next on the depth chart is probably Manship.  Those top 5 are injury or badness-prone. Adding depth is almost necessary, whether or not it is Pavano is up for debate, but any Twins fan who is totally comfortable with that top 5 has some serious issues. I don't think Pavano can repeat his 2010, but if we can get anything close, I say go for it.  I'd hate for them to sit on the money saved on Hardy, and if they pull the trigger on this it looks like they won't.

Do you want the Twins to keep Pavano, even if it takes a multi-year deal? If not, what should the money be spent on? Bullpen help? A different starting pitcher? Should the front office use this apparent lack of depth to give Kyle Gibson a shot? What say you?

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06 January 2011